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The process begins with a simple consultation where I will speak with you via phone to discuss the project. We will cover everything in this conversation, from cost to design. You will receive a cost estimate during the conversation and if you decide to move forward I will send over the agreement and other documents within the call for you to read and sign. You have 24 hours to read and sign the paperwork. One of the forms will allow you to pick a date to start your service. You must provide at least a two-day window after the consultation call. We must wait to stage a home the next or the same day after receiving the paperwork. Both parties, meaning you and our company, must sign and receive a copy of the contract before service starts. Similar to a real-estate transaction, our team takes our agreements very seriously. 

If you need a same-day staging, you will pay double the cost for the time and will need to complete the agreement on the same day within 50 minutes; therefore, if your estimate is $2,000.00, you will pay $4,000.00.
​Suppose you trust me to develop a design based on my market knowledge; excellent. However, if you prefer providing your input feel free to share.  


Decorating for staging is a simple process and only takes an idea and a few pieces. Depending on what route you took, whether allowing me to decorate based on my knowledge or submitting your thoughts, that part will reflect doing the setup time. Unlike interior design, where a vision board gets sent to a client's email for approval, you will not receive these items with staging. Instead, you, the client, will receive a catalog of what furniture we will use to decorate, and that's it. Home Staging is swift, and the main goal is to sell your home quickly. Therefore there is no time and frankly not enough in the budget to pay for the billing hours that will accumulate while working on those additional items.


We will deliver and stage on the date and time you choose. You, the client, must make all payments before the last piece is delivered. Photos of the completed look and a receipt will be sent to your email. 



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Unless stated otherwise, you must begin paying rental fees immediately after the first month if your home remains staged. Starting the second month, we will charge a three hundred dollar rental fee. You have the option to pay by card, check, or Zelle. We no longer accept cash. 


1 Rooms  $250.00

2 Rooms $350.00

3 Rooms $450.00

4 Rooms $550.00

5 Rooms $700.00

6 Rooms $750.00

7 Rooms $800.00

8 Rooms $850.00

1 Rooms  $500.00

2 Rooms $900.00

3 Rooms $2,000.00

4 Rooms $3,000.00

5 Rooms $3,500.00

6 Rooms $4,000.00

7 Rooms $4,500.00

8 Rooms $5,000.00


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"Congratulations you sold the home ,We knew you could do it ! "


    Similar to setup ,please give us a head start to pick up furniture once you or your client have official closed on the house.If you need the home turned over by May 17 please call us before May 15 to be sure we can remove by May 16. If you call May 16 please understand we may not be able to pick up same day. If so there will be a last minute pick up charge of $95.00. This is because we have to pay our movers last minute and many times they are busy on other jobs ,meaning it takes a lot out of their work day. 

  Please keep these instruction in mind when scheduling pick up. If you need full turn over service such as cleaning before the new client we offer $50.00 off . Show your buyer that you appreciate them for their purchase by leaving it sparkly clean with Lusso Clean services . Visit

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Digital staging is a not-so-new way to save money on home staging. You pay thousands less than real staging and have more options for furniture selection than real staging. In virtual staging, you can fill up space fast by adding things like a TV mounted on the wall, a fire in the fireplace, etc. Virtual staging is perfect for sellers who aren't too concerned about open houses and want a quick solution for decorating the home's interior space. Watch our videos to learn more about the difference between real and virtual staging. 

 Welcome to the world of virtual staging !



Virtual Staging has one price which is $75.00/ per room 

This service has  a 72 hour turn around time.

Perfect for Sellers who don't car much about open house visits . 

Call today to start Staging (202) 341-1747

Image by Greg Rivers

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